Losing Weight After Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, most women gain 25-35 pounds. After giving birth you will naturally lose some of the weight (the weight of the baby and placenta for sure). Many women expect to lose the remaining weight quickly, within 6 weeks, but this is not the norm. By watching celebrity moms we begin to think that we will be back in our pre-pregnancy jeans in no time. The truth is it isn’t natural, or healthy, to lose the weight that quickly.

Women who breastfeed tend to hold on to an extra 10 or so pounds while breastfeeding. The strain put on your body by nourishing another person requires extra calories.  It is recommended that women wait 6 weeks after giving birth to resume a workout routine. Women who had a c-section may need to wait longer. Eating a healthy diet after pregnancy will help to shed those extra pounds without much effort. It is also important to eat healthy foods because your body requires a healthy balance of nutrients to recover from pregnancy. You should continue to take your prenatal vitamin after delivery and during breastfeeding to provide your body with the extra nutrients it requires.

Listen to your body and don’t deny your cravings. Your body knows what nutrients it needs. Talk with your doctor about exercise to be sure that your body is ready. Start slowly with walking or swimming. As your body adjusts to the increased activity you can begin to add in weights or start running.

For more information on post-pregnancy weight loss visit these sources:

The joy of motherhood goes hand-in-hand with the battle to lose those pesky pregnancy pounds

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Top 10 Ways to Lose Pregnancy Weight


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