American Idol Top 12 Performances

March 12, 2008 at 1:16 pm 1 comment

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Here’s a basic rundown of last night’s performances and my opinion on them all.

Syesha–“Got to Get You Into My Life” She’s good. Not great. I don’t like her as much as I did to start.

Chikezie–“She’s a Woman” His voice is great. He sings well and picks good songs. I am just not drawn to him. What’s the deal? He’s like dry toast to me.

Ramiele Malubay–“In My Life” boooring. She’s talented, but oh my gosh. Pick up the tempo. Wake us up, don’t put us to sleep.

Jason Castro–“If I Fell” Man this kid can sing. he’s so different from the other contestants too. He’s got the little girl vote in the bag. So sweet and tender. I loved it.

Carly Smithson–“Come Together” whew! That was ah-ma-zing! What a great voice and a wonderful performance to accompany it. I was impressed. I take back half of the bad things I’ve said about her based on that one performance. You go, girl.

David Cook–“Eleanor Rigby” Rocker through and through. He did a great job. I like him more and more every week.

Brooke White–“Let It Be” FAVORITE PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT. This girl has got talent. She’s so sweet and subtle and amazing. She sings beautifully and doesn’t ever force it. She plays the piano and the guitar. She’s a very very sweet and gentle person and deserves to stay in this competition.

David Hernandez–“I Saw Her Standing There” This was his worst performance to date. He over did it for sure. I like him, but he’s losing me.

Amanda Overmyer–“You Can’t Do That” I liked this performance for her. I thought the song suited her voice well. She just doesn’t look like she wants to be there anymore.

Michael Johns–“Across the Universe” I liked it. Simple, smooth. It worked for him. I’m not wowed by anything he’s done yet, though.

Kristy Lee Cook–“8 Days A Week” Oh my. It was like someone hit the fast forward button on her last night. It was Alvin and the Chipmunk-esque. Way too fast, way too country. She sings well. My peanut gallery last night said “Just send her to Nashville already”

David Archuleta–“We Can Work It Out” This was the first hesitation or mistake we’ve seen from the young pro so far. I liked it. It proved that he’s as human as the rest of us. He forgot some words. Hey, it happens to the best of ’em. His vocals were still amazing. I love him.

Going home tonight: my guess is David Hernandez

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Carly Smithson Links Adios David Hernandez

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