American Idol Top 8 Guys – 80s Night

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Last night’s performance of American Idol was live. If you’re like me you’re thinking “wait, it wasn’t live last week?” The answer is no. It was pre-recorded in a live setting. Last night was live as we saw it. Which explains the contestant order shuffle when David Cook’s guitar wouldn’t work.

Kicking off 80s night for the guys was Luke Menard. I don’t know how he’s still in the competition at this point. Ick. I almost muted him. Embarrassing story-sister dressed him like a ballerina when he was little. Song-“Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” Verdict- I hope he will be go go-ing home this week. I think he tries too hard. It is so high up there. Doesn’t he have a chest voice instead of a head voice? It hurt my teeth, to be honest. Randy thought it was corny. Paula loved it. Simon said he’s got no chance.

Number 2 performer was cute little David Archuleta. Embarrassing moment-his mom had to finish a song for him during a performance once because his voice gave out. Song- “Another Day in Paradise” David accompanied himself on piano. He plays well and does a good job performing both behind a piano and alone on stage. I thought it was wonderful. He has such a smooth voice. Randy thought it was nice. Paula said it was “perfectly wonderful” and Simons said that David A should be in the final 2.

Danny Noriega was up next. Embarrassing story- tripped at the movie theater on the stairs in front of his crush. It was TMTH (too much to handle). Song-“Tainted Love” I love the song. He did an OK job. I wasn’t blown away. Randy liked the arrangement. Paula said it was great vocals but he needed to get rid of the purple hair. Simon thought it was “horrible” “useless”  and he “didn’t like anything about it.” Danny made fun of Simon’s moose hand.

04 David Hernandez. Embarrassing moment-booger in his nose for entire photo shoot that he had to re-shoot. Sang “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” What a great diva song. David blew it away. I really liked it. Perfect for his voice. Randy said it was a good song choice. Paula said he’s getting into his groove. Simon said he had 100% secured a place in the finals.

Michael Johns was next due to a technological glitch with a guitar. Embarrassing story-worked as a mascot and got beat up in front of 20, 000 fans. Song-“Don’t Forget About Me.” I thought it could have been bigger and better. He seems too timid with his vocals. Randy said it was “so you.” Paula liked the strength in his low range. Simon liked it, didn’t love it. Said he has “huge talent” and I “really, really like you.”

David Cook’s guitar problems got worked out. Embarrassing story-in talent show and didn’t know the second verse to the song so he just stood there. Song-“Hello.” It was interesting with the electric guitar at the beginning. I liked it. His hair looked much better last night. I liked his bedroom eyes look at the end. Randy thought it was brilliant. He made a pop song into an emo ballad. Paula said it could be a hit today. Simon thought it was brave and “loved it.” He hopes to see him next week.

David Cook Bedroom Eyes

Jason Castro was number 7. Embarrassing story-a dread came out during a dinner date. Song-“Hallelujah” It was pretty good. He didn’t play the guitar this week. He performed well even without it. Randy gave him props for singing without the guitar. Paula said it showed “beautiful vulnerability.” And Simon said it was “absolutely brilliant,” his “strongest performance so far,” and the “best of the night.”

Chikezie was last. Embarrassing story-used girls’ bathroom repeatedly during high school without knowing it. Song-“All the Woman I Need” It seemed pitchy to me. Got stronger as it went on. Randy said it was interesting song choice, but it was really good. Paula said “good vocals.” Simon thought it was “cabaret.” I tend to agree with Simon on this one.

Simon was a good judge last night. I never even thought “what a pompous ass” as I watched last night. I’m excited to see what the girls have in store for us tonight.

My prediction for guys going home this week: Luke Menard (one of these days I’ll be right with that prediction) and Chikezie.

Click here to see all of last night’s performances. 


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