AI Top 10 Girls

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The girls did well overall for 70s night. The outfits weren’t as crazy as I might have expected (or hoped).


First up was Carly Smithson.

Carly and tattoos

Her mini bio was about working at an Irish bar close to her home. She sang “Crazy on You.” It was a great performance. She looked wonderful and her song and performance were right on target. I really like her once I get past her record deal past. Her tattoos were in full view last night. Well, at least the ones that are safe for TV viewing. J


Syesha Mercado was next.

Syesha in commercial

We saw a clip of her playing a mother on a commercial. She’s good! Maybe she’ll have some talent scouts after her if she gets booted soon. She sang “Me and Mr. Jones.” It was a good performance. I wish she’d belted it out a little more. She did really well with the higher, louder notes and then immediately lost her charm when she fell into her low register.


Brooke White is a beauty school drop-out.

Brooke White

She quit beauty school to pursue music. She could not have chosen a better song. She sang “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. It was great! She played her guitar at the beginning, but it seemed a nuisance at the end. Simon loved it. He said that she sang well and it connected.


“Lullaby Malubay” ha!


I guess now we know how to pronounce her last name – it rhymes with lullaby. I don’t quite get her appeal. My mom loves her. She hasn’t blown me away since her initial audition, but I did love that audition. She can hula dance. She sang “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” Randy said it was “just really ok.” I think it comes down to a bad song choice on her part.


Girl-next-door Kristy Lee Cook was quite shiny last night.

Kristy Lee Cook

Her outfit must’ve been made from satin or something. She is a tomboy. Well, we knew that already. “You’re No Good” was her song. She sings well, she’s just very green. She needs some experience. She never really got into her performance. I think she’s scared of really getting into it. It was good. She has a lot of potential.


Cruella DeVille, I mean Amanda Overmyer was number 6 out of the gate last night.

Amanda Overmyer

She kinda went overboard with that hair. She’s the bookworm. Nice quirk to have. She was rocking out last night with the hair, the pants, the song “Carry On My Wayward Son.” It wasn’t bad. The judges did not like it.


Youngster Alaina Whitaker sang the classic “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

Alaina Whitaker

She doesn’t like it when her food touches. She is a very natural singer. It wasn’t forced. It was very good. I really like her.


Oh ouch. Alexandrea Lushington was next.


Let’s start with that outfit of her. Eww. That’s a definite don’t. Boys’ cargo pants, a t-shirt with a zip-up hoodie, and bootie heels. Yuck. Anywho, the song wasn’t any better. She sang “If You Leave Me Now.” Look’s like she’ll be leaving us now. Her only comment after she sang “well, it’s over.”


What’s the deal with Simon holding his hand straight out from his head? He looks like an elk or moose or something. Stupid.


Coming in at number 9 is Kady Malloy, my fellow Texan.

Kady malloy

She sings opera in her bathroom. I think she could sing opera just fine on stage too. She sang. “Magic Man.” It was not her best performance. I liked her outfit. I think she’s very talented and should stick around for a while.


We did not save the best for last on girls’ night. Asia’h (superfluous ‘h) Epperson the cheerleader sang “All By Myself.”


How did the judges like this? She totally missed a note, like it didn’t even come out. She is not an experienced enough singer for this song. It was really bad on the low notes. The extensions don’t do her any favors either. David Hernandez looked like he was in pain as he listened to her sing.

in pain


Going home tonight: Alexandrea Lushington and Asia’h Epperson

Prenatal Vitamins – Out (Wonder why Ryan doesn’t do that anymore?

I know you’re reading this, so comment! That’s half the fun is the discussion. Do you agree with what I said? Do you think I’m an idiot for something I said? Let me know.


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AI Top 10 Guys AI Results Show 2/28/08

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