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Last night was the performance night for the Top 10 American Idol male contestants. The theme was hits from the 70s. Last week was the 60s. Does that mean next week is the 80s? Whatever.

Starting us off was Michael Johns, the Australian guy. His little “interesting thing about me” clip was about his love of tennis. He sang “You can go your own way.” It was bad. The peanut gallery at my house piped in with “that’s terrible.” I have to agree. Was he sick? Is there some excuse for the bad notes?

Jason Castro’s interview was all about how he hates doing interviews. It was entertaining. He sang “I just want to be your everything.” It was good, but not as good as last week. He’s got a nice bohemian sound. I think he has beautiful teeth too.

Third was Luke “no personality” Menard. I don’t even remember what his bit was about. Oh yeah, acapella singing. Not very exciting. “Killer queen” was his song, one I’d never heard of. His only saving grace is that he looks like Orlando Bloom. The song was awful. There was no melody and it was awkward.

Robbie Carrico attempted to look tough by doing the drag racing thing. It would have been more interesting if it was drag dressing. He sang “Hot Blooded.” It was more like warm blooded when he sang it though. He tries to be a rocker. He thinks he is a rocker. But it’s like Clay Aiken singing rock or Ozzy Osborne singing opera. It just doesn’t work. I bet he was better when he was with Boyz ‘n Girlz United.

Number 5 was our favorite little pretty boy, Danny Noriega. Back story was being in a punk screamo band. I love this kid. He makes me smile and laugh and have a good time. His performances are always entertaining. He sang “Superstar.” He has a nice smooth voice. I just can’t get over the girl pants. Simon said “The camera loves you.” That’s actually a compliment, I think.

Whoo! for David Hernandez. He used to be a gymnast. Now he’s a SINGER. Whoo baby that was a good performance. “Papa was a rolling stone” was his song choice. He sang with emotion, it was the best so far.

Jason Yeager’s “interesting” back story was about being a self-taught musician. He doesn’t have enough personality for TV. He sang “Long Train Runnin.” I don’t really remember the performance. My notes say “not so good, wanted to cry after.” Simon was not very nice. Jason was not very humble “we’re all great singers at this point.” Or something to that effect…

Contestant number 8 was Chickeze Eze. He told us how you really say his name. He sang “I Believe to my Soul.” I didn’t know the song. He had a great time singing it and really did well. Simon said it was “a million times better.”

David Cook is the word nerd. Simon thought the back story was boring. David played the guitar with his performance of “All Right Now.” His hair is bad. His performance was good. It was the best I’ve seen him. There is a nice edge to his voice and I think having the guitar helped him.

Best was saved for last. David Archuleta told us about singing for Kelly Clarkson when he was 11. We saw a video clip, I guess from a cell phone. He sang John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The arrangement worked well. He blew us away with that. My peanut gallery said “Chill bumps!” “Download it!” and “Umh!” He’s got great presence and an amazing talent.

David Archuleta

My prediction for the two going home: Luke Menard and Jason Yeager.


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