Top 12 Girls

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So last night was the top 12 girls. The flu hit the American Idols, yet they pushed on. I’ll try to talk about them in the order they sang.

Kristy Lee Cook had bronchitis. She sang “Rescue Me.” I personally think the song was her pleading to the voters. It was very lackluster. She has a good voice, but to use one of Simon’s words, it was “karaoke.” Maybe it was just because she was sick. I guess I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Joanne Borgella sang “I Say A Little Prayer.” Honestly, without reviewing last night’s performance right now, I can’t tell you a thing about it. So that must mean something–forgettable. She hasn’t impressed me yet. She’s a very pretty girl, but maybe she’s just that.

Alaina Whitaker was perhaps my favorite performer last night. She’s “only 16!” Well, as of today she’s 17. She sang “More Today Than Yesterday.” It was a very mature vocal performance. She had a good time and looks kinda like Carrie Underwood.

Amanda Overmyer was her usual rocking self. She sang “Baby Please Don’t Go.” The only words I could understand were the skat words. She’s got an edge and a definitly unique voice. I just don’t think I’d buy her album. I’d love to hear her try to sing a ballad.

Amy Davis reminds me of Winnie from “The Wonder Years.” Sweet, demure looking girl. Boring. The song choice could prove fatal for her AI career. She sang “Where the Boys Are.” My mom loved the song, but she knew it when it was new. As a 22 year-old I can’t say I was too taken by it.

Brooke White had on makeup! And her hair wasn’t frizzy! She sang “Happy Together” which Simon described as very “yellow.” The song was well suited to her voice. It was a nice performance, but not one for the record books. I like Brooke. I hope she sticks around.

Alexandrea Lushington is another young pup in the competition. She gave a great initial audition with her great-grandmother waiting outside for the results. Last night Alexandrea sang “Spinning Wheel.” It was a very energetic and fun performance. Her outfit couldn’t have fit her personality any better. She sang well. I think her energy alone is enough to keep her around for at least another week.

Kady Malloy did not receive the props she deserved. She sang with such great maturity. You would never have known that the song had the word “groovy” in it just by listening to her sing it. It sounded to me like something that could be on the radio today. She has a slightly Celine Dion-like quality to her voice that I really like. A very pretty girl with a great voice. Hey if AI doesn’t work for her maybe she can impersonate Britney Spears as a career. She does a better Britney than Britney does.

Asia’h (excuse me, the spelling is a bit much for me. Do we really need the ‘h?) tried to play the diva angle. She sang “Take Another Piece of My Heart.” It was good. I’m not disputing that. I just didn’t get too excited about it.

Ramiele Malubay’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” was my mom’s favorite performance of the night. She has a great big voice for such a small girl. I love the tone and quality of her voice. I guess I just don’t like 60s love ballads. And the hair. Ick.

Syesha Mercado has great energy. I was really impressed with her on Hollywood Week. She sang “Tobacco Road” last night. She did well, but I couldn’t help but think of Taylor Hick’s performance of the same song 2 years ago. I think he’s got the monopoly on it.

Carly Smithson closed out the night with “Shadow of Your Smile.” I’ll be honest-I didn’t even really listen to it. I’m kinda over her because of the backstory. She’s obviously good or she wouldn’t have been signed once already. She did touch on that last night, but basically blamed the record label saying that they “imploded.” Regardless, she still only sold 400 copies of it.

My pick for the two going home tonight: Amy David and Joanne Borgella.


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