Top 12 Guys Recap

February 20, 2008 at 6:07 pm 1 comment

Emily again, your Prenatal Blogger. So last night was guys’ night. I can’t say that I was blown away by the whole thing. They were good, but only one really made me stand up and dance. Any guesses as to who it was?

That’s right. David Archuleta. That kid just makes me smile. I can’t help it. To use Paula’s word, he’s “infectious.” It was so cute at the end when Ryan said “you can only vote for him, you can’t adopt him” and David nudged Ryan with his elbow. This kid has the teenage girl vote in the bag. He sang “Shop Around” and boy was it fun. The best thing to do to fully understand his talent is to listen to it without watching him. Then open your eyes and see this little kid singing with that big voice. Whew. It was great.

My next favorite was Jason Castro. He was virtually invisible until the elimination night for the Top 24. I am not fond of the icky dreads, but he really is a good looking guy. I LOVE that they are letting them play instruments this year. It’s not like he was playing some amazing guitar licks or something, but it was nice to have the accompaniment.

Simon was his usual surly self. My mother said “I wish someone would run over him with a car.” Then later “I wish someone would run over him with a bus.” Then later still “I wish someone would run over him with a tank.” I think she doesn’t care for the man.

David Hernandez was good, and of course cute. He didn’t blow me away, but it was a good way to start the night.

Chikezie was sooo off key! How could none of the judges comment on that?!?! The first few lines of the song were almost unbearable. Ugh.

The whole time Colton Berry was singing all I could think was “They passed up sweet Kyle for this?!?!” He was such a drama queen. The song he sang was a tragic song and he kept up his stupid little theater smile the WHOLE TIME. Ugh. I hope he’s gone.

By far, the most forgettable performance of the night was Luke Menard. I barely remember his name. He sang something. Who knows what. It was slow. It was boring. It was not of the caliber it should be for a Top 24 performance.

David Cook was OK. I just don’t like him. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the bad hair. And boy is it some bad hair. Whew.

Robbie C was good. He tries to look like a rocker but sounds more like John Mayer or Josh Kelley. A good smooth voice, but no real rock quality.

Michael Johns is one good looking man. He has great hair (maybe David C could get a tip from him). He delivered a nice performance. Nothing to write home about.

Danny Noriega cracks me up. He came out singing Elvis. He has a good voice, but I agreed with the judges that it was a safe choice for him. I’d like to see that attitude and belting like we got in “Proud Mary” in his original audition.

Who am I missing? Ohhh…Garrett Haley. This is the guy we didn’t see until he got picked for the Top 24. We didn’t ever hear his voice until last night. And to be honest, I could have gone without ever hearing his voice. He’s a sweet little 17 year-old with zero shot at making it past this week.

Jason Yeager is the other. He’s the one with the birth mark in his hair giving him the old school Jay Leno look (black hair with a white spot in front). His little boy was there for the show. He sang “Moon River.” It was a really good performance, but unless you know the song and have some sentimental attachment to it, it is really easy to forget (like I just did). I think he’s good and I’d like to see him again.

My picks for the 2 going home this week: Garrett Haley and Luke Menard.

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  • 1. Jonas freak  |  February 22, 2008 at 5:15 am

    OMG! I think David Archuleta is absolutley beautiful! I’ve never even watched American idol! But I heard about him and mmmbop! I watchedit today, I’ve seen all the youtube vids and that kid needs to win! Lol!


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